FFNiagara 2010

2010 FFN  Board 2010 FFN in Cook Islands 2010 FFN in Southland NZ  3 2010 FFN in Southland NZ 4 2010 FFN in Southland NZ 5 2010 FFN In Southland NZ
2010 FN in Southland NZ 2 2010 FFN NZ West Coast 2 2010 FFN NZ West Coast 2010 FFN with mayor in Taupo NZ 2010 FFN Yard Sale 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Tullips in bloom
2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Ted and Bob  Ted and Bob 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Pearl our pilot  Pearl or ... 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Mark Twain's House  Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) House 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Marilyn and her horse  Marilyn and her horse 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Joy and Ted in Nautical attire  Joy and Ted in "Nautical style" 2010 FFN Connecticut Exchange Ginger the ED with a friend  Ginger and her friend
2010 Beach Party Mary Joy Bev Sandy and Pat  Mary, Joy, Bev, Sandy and Pat 2010 Beach Party Kathy Dave and Barb  Kathy, Dave and Barb 2010 Beach Party Donna Kathy Jane and Mary  Donna, Kathy, Jane and Mary 2010 Beach Party Carol Myrna Charlie Peggy and Liz  Carol. Myrna, Charlie, Peggy and Liz 2010 Beach Party Bill Paul Dave and Peggy  Bill, Paul, Dave and Peggy 2010 Beach Party in the waves
2010 Beach Party Phil says it's cold 2010 FFN Beach Party Carol and Alvine relax 2010 FFN Beach Party Rudy Bob and Bill in the wind 2010 FFN Picnic with chef Dave 2010 FFN Picnic The cool shade 2010 FFN Picnic The Conversations
2010 FFN Picnic The Spread 2010 FFN Picnic Good Food Good Friends 2010 Mexico A first breakfast 2010 Mexico A moment to relax 2010 Mexico Clare and Peggy at lunch in Taxco 2010 Mexico Coconuts by the road side
2010 Mexico Coffee plantation in the jungle (1) 2010 Mexico Dancing in the street in Veracruz 2010 Mexico Diane and new friends 2010 Mexico FFN Day of the Dead alter - cemetary - Naolinco 2010 Mexico FFN learns about The Day of the Dead 2010 Mexico FFN meets the Governor of State of Veracruz
2010 Mexico Gerri in the hacienda garden 2010 Mexico Good friends on a jungle walk 2010 Mexico Immersed in the history of Cortez 2010 Mexico Jacqui  meets the kids 2010 Mexico Mayor of Xalapa and Bob 2010 Mexico Morton and Steve at the farewell dinner
2010 Mexico The farewell serenade 2010 Charleson inbound with vintner at Ravine Winery 2010 Charleston inbound at Ravine Winery 2010 Charleston inbound tasting at Ravine Winery 2010 Charleston inbound at Montebello Park 11 trail
11 memorial Trail 2010 Charleston Inbound on the nine eleven trail 2010 Charleston inbound hikes the nine eleven Memorial Trail 2010 Charleston Inbound on the nine eleven memorial Trail 2010 June Marlborough Native Dancer 2010 June Marlborough Farewell
2010 June Marlborough Native drummers 2010 June Marlborought Farewell Dinner 1 2010 June Marlborough Native Dancers 2010 June Marlborough Entertainment 1 2010 June Marlborough Farewell entertainment 2010 June Marlborough Hike
2010 June Marlborough Farewell Dinner 11 memorial Trail