Azores - 16

February 11 to 24, 2016
iphone0  Our apartment iphone0-2  With bbeautiful gardens iphone0-3  Our first ton walk iphone0-4  The church iphone0-5  A village street iphone0-6  Work by a 19th century nun
iphone0-7  The church on the highest point in town iphone0-8  Look north west from the hill iphone0-9  Explore Pixie iphone0-10  The city bridge iphone0-11  Ribera Grande iphone0-12  Casa do Arcano
iphone0-13  Andy relaxing in the ark iphone0-14  Hot springs iphone0-15  Gardens iphone0-16 iphone0-17 iphone0-18  Rose
iphone0-19  Hot spring iphone0-20  Bathing iphone0-21  Hotel garden iphone0-22  Hotel walkway iphone0-23  Hotel entrance iphone0-24  View from the mountain
iphone0-25  Hotel pool iphone0-26  Sandy in the mountain forest iphone0-27  Hotel garden pond